Kids seeing you having sex.

What would you do if your kids come into the bedroom while you and your spouse are having sex?

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Depends on how old they are. If they’re still too young to understand, probably can make up a story like I don’t know, exercising, massage? If they’re old enough to understand the birds and the bees, it’s time for the talk about procreation. After that please hang a “PLEASE LOCK THE DOOR” sign behind your door.

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Lock the door before having sex / cover yourself with blankets/comforter

That's why you have to seperate the kids from your room

1y ago

Hy nurul, cara lain.. katil ank tu hadang guna dinding angin, so dia tak dpt laa tengok.. umur 3 tahun ni, dia mudah immitate apa org buat.. bahaya 😊

why didn't lock room?

Cover with comforter