Headache few days in a row

I woke up on wednesday with a headache and still today I have it, I have not taken anything as im 12 week pregnant. I am a bit stressed at the moment, could that be the cause? is it normal during pregnancy?

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Tulis jawapan

its normal sis. mine with my 1st born. i had migrain from 1st until 3rd tri. i almost make my head bald because i pull the hair to reduce the pain. so i went to see the doc. the doc prescribe the med. i took it when i really cant handle it. if still can, i just put something cold on my head or sleep. take care of yourself ya mommy

Baca lagi

Im having headache everyday since 5 weeks until now 11 weeks..& ya its normal to some pregnant women 💆‍♀️

I always have headache at 1st trimester, at the back of head. But at 2nd trimester the pain have less

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I am with you😭😭😭😭 but me plus with vomitting, nauseas

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Yes, it's normal