How long does your EBM last in a room temperature

currently i do not freeze my EBM and just keep it in the chiller as it is much faster to use it. the longest EBM kept in the refrigerator is 2-3 days. usually i let it be under a room temperature around 1hr and warm it up a bit. the question is how long does your EBM last at a room temperature if it does not finish after the 1st feeding? i treat the EBM like a fresh milk around 4-5 hours and feed my bby whenever she wants. the max i could go is 6 hours. Today i test the EBM and it is still taste sweet even after 8 hours, some people said that i can only use it 1-2 hour max and dump the remaining EBM. my baby doesnt seems to hve any problem with the EBM tht i gave but im just curious if im doing the right thing.

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ada banyak study pasal ebm. dan lagi bagus kite follow guidelines. Cara handle EBM yg letak dekat chiller berbeza dgn yg letak kt freezer. Yg dekat chiller u blh letak room temperature up to 4 hours. klau dlm air conditioning room up to 6 hours. BUT if u da bg baby minum susu chiller yg u da panaskan atau just terus bg minum, u have to finish within 2 hours. Kalau tak habis kene buang. For FROZEN EBM, once u cairkan (letak kt chiller atau rendam atau alirkan bawah air), kene habis kan within 24 hours. and klau da bg baby minum kene habiskan dlm masa 1 jam. leftover kene buang. kenape kena buang bile baby da minum? sb saliva baby da react dgn susu. so xblh minum klau da terlalu lama.

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if you didnt treat you ebm as it should dia akan lost the nutrition . yes baby takan bagi apa effect what i mean tak sakit perut sbb susu belum rasa masam . cuma nutrition akan kurang sbb usually fresh ebm tahan 4h only of room temperature . kalau suhu aircond can last up to 8h . but the thing is if dah warm it must finish it in 1h sbb bacteria dh mula build in susu . so better buang . as you know susu ibu banyak nutrition untuk anak but nutrition susu ibu jgk cepat rosak kalau salah handle . that is why kena banyak study regarding how to store ebm

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apa yang saya baca 4 hours tapi masa tu pernah saya bengkak susu so saya pump around 12 or 3am, saya pun tak ingat sebab malam tu mamai teruk . esok tu dalam pukul 9 lebih mak cik urut tu tak tahu , anak saya merengek dia suap susu yang saya pump tu . lepas dah pukul 1 habis urut tu baru saya tahu yang dia suap susu tu , nasib baik baby tak sakit perut . tapi mak cik urut tu cakap before dia suap tu dia check susu tu nampak elok tu yang dia ingat tu susu baru pump . so tak sure max hours susu tu tahan berapa lama

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I think best up to 6 hrs for our Malaysian room temperature (no a/c). Maybe your baby has no issue with EBM that is left longer but I probably would not to take any risks especially with concerns on bacteria build-up with our humidity. Hope that helps! 😊


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