I can't quite tell if my feet or ankles are swollen. How do you tell if it is?

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If its water retention, you can tell by pressing parts of your feet & there’ll be a dent.. I didnt get major feet / ankle swelling during my pregnancy, so I kept to the same shoe size throughout..

I remember myself getting 1 or 2 size bigger for my shoes when I am pregnant. It's kinda obvious when you walk.

I think you'd be able to tell and feel.. When it's uncomfortable to fit into your shoes

Well... You will know cos you will feel it. Shoes may feel tight.

U cant fit into ur shoes and cant see ur ankles too


Check if you have any old photos and compare for reference.

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Normally the shoe u are wearing will tend to be tighter

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when shoes doesnt fit And sometime abit out of shape

Shoes feel tight and swollen.

Check with your shoes size