How do u tell your employer you are pregnant?

How do u tell your employer that you are pregnant? Through email or verbal, etc? If email, must it be formal? Tell HR or manager to be exact?

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Made a call to my direct manager to inform about my pregnancy during 8weeks, as I was asked to return to office in Aug-Sept. Direct manager then informed his superior afterwards. Generally good to verbally inform and you may receive congratulatory reply and your manager will be more aware, and hopefully more understanding if you have to take medical leave to rest, or prevent yourself from getting more OT.

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I told my manager verbally when i am about 8 weeks as I was sick often from morning sickness and did not want my manager to give me last minute work or expect immediate turnarounds. He informed HR and his manager after some time, maybe when I am 12-16 weeks ish. FYI, I planned and shared the dates I intend to stop working with my manager when I am about 26 weeks (clearing annual leave and maternity leave).

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Told my manager verbally as soon as I knew, around 2months in. This is because we were quite stretched and needed to look into hiring and training the replacement asap. He asked permission to share to upwards and to HR so they can get headcounts in place, and everyone knew to keep it private until I'm ready to announce to prevent general awkwardness in case the pregnancy goes south.

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I would suggest doing it verbally, better yet through video call via teams/zoom. That’s what I did and thankfully my bosses were all very supportive and appreciative of how I delivered the news. Good luck!

Best verbally to your direct superior as it's more respectful and personal. Aft tt u can email HR.

Told my manager verbally. And she informed the HR and head of dept

ideally inform direct superior face to face if WFH, send email cc HR

It is better to inform your immediate supervisor verbally.

Verbally would be the most professional way to do so.

I told my boss verbally