Swollen feet at 31 weeks

Hi, I have noticed my feet are suddenly swelling due to water retention. My calves are slightly swollen too. Anyone with similar experience and how did u mange it? This is my first pregnancy. Thanks!

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I had the same issue for both my pregnancy.. what I did was to soak my feet in Epsom salt almost alternate night. it helps in reducing it and also wear comfy shoes. another one is shared by others which is elevate ur legs when u sleep..

same situation here. I wear compression socks during daytime and elevate legs whenever i can. When slping try to elevate ur legs with pillow or bolster ☺️

2y ago

Thanks for the tips!

Did you elevate your legs at night? If no, start elevating them. Reduce sodium intake and drink more water.

Elevate your feet, drink more fluids, watch your salty food and compression socks help a lot.

I had prenatal massage and it helps a lot with my water retention issue

2y ago


Wear a good compression stockings