I really don't like the gifts my mother-in-law gives me. They are mostly very different from my taste and I usually give them away to my maid or someone else. However, i also feel bad for her. How do I tell her that I don't want any more gifts from her?

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Lol! The question actually is my question too. You know, my MIL, too, gives me gifts which are beyond my imagination. I mean I sometimes fathom where does she find the shops that sell such kind of clothes. If I had offered those clothes to my maid, chances are even she would have refused to take them. I think the best way if you feel bad, is just take the gifts and keep them in a cupboard or a briefcase. Assuming that she intentionally doesn't get bad gifts, you should keep them as a blessing from the old lady. I, too, keep collecting the clothes my MIL gives in a briefcase, and once in a while wear them when she is around. Yes, for one day, I look my funniest best, but I think we can afford a few days in this lifetime to look funny as well. What say, can't we?

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nxt time go shopping with her and show her innocently what all colors, fabrics etc that u like...shes a smart lady I'm sure...she can take a hint. I guess she already knows u don't like it...

Suggest to her that the money spent on you can be better used towards her savings or she can use the money to get her son or grandkids more presents.