I am so piss off with my in law. Visit them today and they turn to my husband and say baby look exactly like you, and turn to me and say baby don't look like you at all. Wtf! Even if my baby don't look like me no need to tell me right in my face what. Seriously very annoying, feel like scolding back. I hold back and vent to my husband. They say why baby nv bring this and that? Why nv wear long pants? Why? Why? Why? Irritating to the max! I am a stay home mom, my in laws keep asking me why don't want work? Ask me to let my mother look after baby but my mother is working and they just ignore what I say. I holding back and I think I will give them back one day when I cannot hold anymore. Trying to be nice but end up what I get ? My husband nv care much but he say if I cannot take it just scold or say back. He will stand by me. But lucky I.not staying with them.

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Fortunately for you your hubby is on your side. Similarly for me, my hubby also supports me if I need to shoot back to his parents if they offend me or make me feel uncomfortable. Remember, the mindset of respecting someone just because they're older is a traditional mindset and proven to be ineffective and TOXIC. Think about how you want to raise your child. Do you want your child to grow up respecting people blindly or that respect needs to be earned regardless of age, status, etc.? If your in law is clueless about the things they say and mindlessly offends you with their remarks, you are in no position to be nice. You don't have to be extremely rude. Just make your stand firmly. Explain to your hubby what you feel and let him know how you will handle this further in the future if your in law continues being rude and inconsiderate. You are your own person, you deserve to be respected wherever and whoever you are and if you aren't respected, you have all the rights to stand your ground. Cheer up mommy, fight for yourself and your family!

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one thing for sure you ain't alone in this.. mine is similar to urs and even condemn my my mum during baby first mth party.. after I found out from my mum I refused to visit her for months.. even now I avoided her at all cost.. she will take every opportunity to say my Son looks like her or looks like my hub.. just rem they r jealous and forever the Wife will have no credit for giving birth .. In my heart all these I will never forget but if she's not treating me nicely then I won't do the same to her too.. but I won't disrespect.. just won't do extra to please her.. and after having my Son I learnt to rebut her instead bcos she's overboard at times and if I kept to myself I'd go crazy.. and I did that a few times and she kind of got stunned that I rebut and mellow a little.. Anyway I'm just Glad we don't have to face each other and my hub sides me of cos .. just happy that I do not need them to take care of my Son since my hub can afford to let me be a sahm :)

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Limit interactions to lessen heart pain from hearing such things but of course this kind of things unfortunately as wives we cannot nag so much cos at the end of the day those people are their family and your husband might get offended in the long run even if he doesnt say so now. Of course its your right as the mother to nip certain issues in the bud. Voice your opinions and make sure you put your foot down so they know that they cant bully you. Sometimes in-laws can be a thorn in our skin and we should practice patience as much as we can but definitely with limits.

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they wont stop one. u jst ignore. as in literally ignore dont reply. just ignore. hahahaha eventually they jst get tired. cuz u zero response. everytime ask irritating question jst pretend to be busy or change topic. or talk2 to yr baby pretend never hear. open whatsapp chit chat then show them theit comment v unimportant. i know seems so rude. bt if u talk back or explain yrself also they consider rude. lastly minimize contact and communication.

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3y ago

hahahaha all these are exactly what i would do too!! I really just pretend not to hear to keep myself sane!

Sounds to me that you don’t really like your parents-in-law maybe due to some stuff that had happened. It feels like no matter what they say you will find it insulting and offensive but trust me, they mean no harm. Let them talk all they want, you know what is best for your child and being a stay at home mom is a very sacrificial thing to do. Not every woman can take staying home without financial freedom. Cheer up mommy!

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Just want to tell you I totally feel you, my parents-in-law did the same. I used to keep quiet to avoid putting my husband in difficult shoe but they just get worse each time thinking I am at their mercy as I am not working and my husband is not siding me too. To avoid further conflict, I told my PILs off if they are overboard and stop meeting for months if they continue the same acts to show them I mean what I said.

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Dont let negative comments bring you down. You are right on the dot, at least you dont stay with them. 🙉🙈🙊. My baby didn't look like me either, but as he grows starts to have features on his own. As for the working part, look on the bright side now with the current situation, it's safest to be at home. Be positive.

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Luckily you're not staying with them. I feel you. My in law will just keep saying my baby everything also look like their side where most ppl feel she look like me. Even toe they will say look like them. Now I don't even talk to them I had really enough whenever they talk I just can't be bother.

my mil said that too, she a two face bitch and i don’t really want to visit her. my husband video call her all the time and she always say that and until i piss off i didn’t bother calling her ‘mother’ or talk to her but my husband understand that i hate her alot 😂

Take a chill dear. don't let it affect you. like you said you are not living with them. so that's a good breather for you as well. just let it be. we can't change what others want to say, but we can change and adjust our mentality. This is not for anyone else but ourselves.