I am so piss off with my in law. Visit them today and they turn to my husband and say baby look exactly like you, and turn to me and say baby don't look like you at all. Wtf! Even if my baby don't look like me no need to tell me right in my face what. Seriously very annoying, feel like scolding back. I hold back and vent to my husband. They say why baby nv bring this and that? Why nv wear long pants? Why? Why? Why? Irritating to the max! I am a stay home mom, my in laws keep asking me why don't want work? Ask me to let my mother look after baby but my mother is working and they just ignore what I say. I holding back and I think I will give them back one day when I cannot hold anymore. Trying to be nice but end up what I get ? My husband nv care much but he say if I cannot take it just scold or say back. He will stand by me. But lucky I.not staying with them.

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Take a chill dear. don't let it affect you. like you said you are not living with them. so that's a good breather for you as well. just let it be. we can't change what others want to say, but we can change and adjust our mentality. This is not for anyone else but ourselves.

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