fetus stop growing at 6w3d

I only found out my fetus stop growing on my 10w4d. there was no symptoms of miscarriage at all. no heartbeat detected. private doc asked me to wait for another 7days for any symptoms and prepare for any news. after 7 days went to check up again n private doc confirmed that I had miscarriage and adviced me to take pill or go through the D&C process to remove my lifeless foetus. but its cost so expensive about rm5k. so I went to govt Hosp but the govt hosp adviced me to wait another 2 weeks for it to come out naturally. if after 2 weeks no symptoms or bleeding then they will set appointment for me. I'm having 01 month plus lifeless foetus inside me. would it harm me? I'm having like 'food poisoning' kind of nausea ever since. please advice. thanks

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Tulis jawapan
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I think it is better for you to wait. Sometimes miracle can happens.

5y ago

wow that's cheap..nilai medical Centre rm5k,rampai putri medical Centre rm2.2k, clinic Pakar Dan wanita rekha rm1-2k, Andorra hospital rm3-3.5k...