Missed Miscarriage

Hi mommies, I had my ultrasound last monday for my 10weeks pregnancy. The result revealed that my baby growing at 7weeks and no fetal heartbeat. I suffered a missed ( or silent) miscarriage where my baby dies but sadly my body keep on releasing hcg hormon that still make me carrying pregnancy symptoms. I were told to wait for another 2 weeks for my body to figure things out, for me to start bleeding naturally. I choose to wait coz im afraid of D&C procedure. Saya cuba untuk positive tapi kekadang air mata mcm musim tengkujuh pulak. Menunggu saat bleeding dan cramping rasa lama sangat. Sampai sekarang masih belum ada tanda2 spotting. How long should i wait or should i go for D&C?

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hi i went through the same situation like u sis... doc said must wait until 2 weeks ...but after 2 days i had bleeding, air ketuban pecah n baby aso come out naturally..after tat i was admitted at gh for d&c coz stil got blood cloth.. just wash tat blood cloth... sis eat nenas madu... its really, works for me for kuar naturally... stay strong n tc sis...

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Sorry for your loss sis .. first pregnancy ? I’m too facing the same situation on my 12 weeks .. that’s on 29/4/2019 . Same story only .. just weeks only different .. but I decide go for D&C .. done on 30/4 in private clinic .. i can feel your pain sis .. be strong .. god will bless you soon with little one .. keep pray

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5y ago

this my 4th pregnancy but im still shocked and never thought that this will happen to me.

same to me sis. 3bulan lepas i pregnant 12 week but my baby like 7week n doctor sruh i pergi hsptal utk scan dri bwah n doctor pon cakap mgkin misscarriage doctor bgi masa 2 mggu utk dtg balik then tak smpai 2mggu dh bleeding slame smggu n baru rase contraction 😢 I feel u sis. stay strong yea😘

My first pregnancy, sy missed misscariage juga. Tggu almost 2 weeks, tp takda apa2 tanda kluar naturally, so proceed for d&c. Dont worry sis, doc akn bagi full bius. Sedar2 dah siap. Masa sy dulu buat 2 procedure skali, laparoscopic utk buang cyst dan d&c. Insya Allah, Semoga dipermudahkan.

Salam takziah puan. I also had misscarriage before, so i understand the pains. Hugs to you. Have faith. Personally, i think its better for you to wait and let it come out naturally, other than DnC. Otherwise, it will take longer time to recover. Pls be strong. May Allah smoothen everything. Aamin

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5y ago

aamiin..tq puan hidayah. i will let the nature take the course

sorry for your lost..based on my previous experience,i wait about 1 month..even aftr doc bg ubt pn still sac xkuar,then proceed with d&c..becoz i follow up wof govt hospital..i think kalau private mayb blh bt immediately..

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faham sgt that feeling..sbb myself pn last year ms bln puasa..take care sis..stay strong k..

Salam takziah. tunggu ja dia keluar sendiri kalau boleh. kadang2 makan masa. tapi kalau lebih 2 minggu tak keluar kena pegi balik jumpa doc for dnc. inshaAllah tak sakit. positive ya. Akan ada rezeki lain. stay strong!

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saya doakan dipermudahkan semua. usap perut tu dan doa sama agar dia keluar sendiri kalau boleh. saya buat macam tu sebelum ni. alhamdulillah dia keluar sendiri.

I went thru dnc process at private, n theres nothing to be worry about. Doc gave me full body bius and its going on for half an hour only. Either its naturally come out or dnc, insya Allah both will be fine.

Takziah sis. Terus kuat ye. InsyaAllah akan ada rezeki nanti. Better tunggu darah turun dalam 2 minggu sis. Kalau still dah turun darah, kena serah diri untuk d&c. Semoga dipermudahkan urusan sis ye

Be strong and keep waiting.. Kadang tersalah kira or sometime heart beat tak dengar.. I've been to the same situation before but alhamdulilah after 2 weeks baru dpt dgr heartbeat..

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B strong OK... In Shaa Allah ada rezeki