I do not understand if it's a temper tantrum or she's just trying to push us to our limits. We've been trying to get her to acknowledge her elders by greeting them. She has no problem identifying who is who from pictures and calls out correctly. However when it comes to addressing them when they are physically in front of her, she clamps shut. She apologies to us, tears running down her eyes but she just refuses to call them unless I start to get annoyed and pissed by telling her if she doesn't start addressing them, she would be allowed to go home. We tried preparing her mentally before going out but it doesn't curb the stubborn mouth. We have no idea what is going on and how we can help her.

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come on mamma, i don't think your baby is trying to push you to your limits deliberately. babies are not capable of thinking like this, and there are many reasons this could be happening. the first thing that comes to my mind is that she may be shy or conscious in front of them and that is what stops her. it is possible that even if she knows who is who and how to address, she may not be able to express it. the fact that she cries and shows her discomfort in some way is an indication that she wants to try but knows she is not able to do what you ask her to. i think you should give her some time. my elder one who is 9 now has suddenly become too shy and refuses to acknowledge family members and relatives. if you feel your baby is being stubborn, let her be herself for some time. stop asking her to address and do those things that you are asking her to do. i feel she will eventually start doing it herself once she is comfortable and feels it naturally.

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Hi Suzanne, Thank you for your question! It was answered live on air with Dr Frans: This is a very normal phenomenon, you have to give your baby time to get used to you. If you come in, and the baby is forced to say hello to a new face, usually they turn away and they cling to mummy. Normally, I tell people to ignore them, have your conversation, and after maybe 15 minutes, they will usually come up to the new face to introduce themselves. Give them time, and when they get the time, they will come to you. You can watch a recording of Dr Frans' live Ask The Expert session here: https://www.facebook.com/parenttown/videos/1258235770909093/

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From young, everytime we go my own house, i will tell my babies, we are going to grandparents house. After they saw the person, i tell her call "ah gong", "ah ma" etc, everytime till she open mouth and speak up 1 days she will call. Get the person who is playing with her, ask her to address him/her, will be easier. Like when they played happily, and ur LO asking help, tell the person to ask her say uncle help, than help her. Sometimes my girl throw tantrums too, but when she is happy we will get her to say it on and off.

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i definitely feel she is shy and uncomfortable in front of people. even if she knows them otherwise, it is possible that she gets uncomfortable or awkward in front of them. i would suggest don't push her to talk to them unless she herself gets comfortable. you can definitely include her in all the activities, so that she can get more familiar, but if you push her now, she will develop an aversion towards socializing. let her take her time.

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How old is your child? Maybe she's just shy or suffering from "stage fright" when it comes to addressing her elders in person. Honestly, don't be too hard on her. She's just going to associate you being annoyed and pissed to the situation and be even more apprehensive in the future. Maybe there's just too many people in the same place and this overwhelms your daughter? Give it time, she will get the hang of it soon enough.

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She's coming to three. We taught she was stranger shy. However it did not resolve. She can play with the person, talk to the person yet refused to address the person. This got us really puzzled and annoyed at the same time. When asked why, she refuses to