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Hi ladies, I would like to get some help/advice on how I can help adjust my baby’s sleep time. My baby is 5.5months now. From about 1 month ago, she has been adjusting her bedtime later and later until now she is sleeping only from 12noon. Once she is down from 12noon, she will sleep a good 10-12hrs and wake up at 10pm-12midnight. She is basically sleeping her whole day away. I am a SAHM mom and we do not have any change in schedule to warrant this adjustment. It breaks my heart to see my baby missing out on so much activities during the day time and is only seeing the world in dark. We can’t even go out since by the time she wakes and we get her ready to go out, it’s 12 midnight or later. We tried waking her earlier at 5pm in hope that she will get tired and start sleeping earlier. When she fell asleep at 1am, we thought we had a chance. But nope. She took the 1am sleep as a nap, woke up from the nap at 3am and continue to be active till 12noon for her ‘bedtime’. She is a very active baby and has been sleeping only 10-12hrs everyday since she was 2months old. Nothing we do can get her to nap. Wake windows, white noise, dark room, swaddle etc... nothing works. Her PD confirmed that she is growing well and we have nothing to worry about. Her PD commented that some babies just don’t need as much sleep and she is probably one of them. If she needs the sleep and not getting it for so many months, she would have already breakdown or show signs of distress. Since she does not nap during the ‘day’, there is nothing much we can do to adjust her schedule and help her sleep the right hours. Any ladies have been through this and have any advice to help?

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Same here! Pd said it was sleep disorder. Nothing much you can do there. My daughter is now 8 yo, stopped taking afternoon naps just before she turned 4. Now she sleeps at around 8 pm, wakes up at 5am (to pee) and can't go back to sleep anymore. Weekends she wakes up before 7am which means we adults have to wake up as well😅 That said when your baby gets older, it's OK to skip naps, better they sleep earlier at night(:

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