I do not understand if it's a temper tantrum or she's just trying to push us to our limits. We've been trying to get her to acknowledge her elders by greeting them. She has no problem identifying who is who from pictures and calls out correctly. However when it comes to addressing them when they are physically in front of her, she clamps shut. She apologies to us, tears running down her eyes but she just refuses to call them unless I start to get annoyed and pissed by telling her if she doesn't start addressing them, she would be allowed to go home. We tried preparing her mentally before going out but it doesn't curb the stubborn mouth. We have no idea what is going on and how we can help her.

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How old is your child? Maybe she's just shy or suffering from "stage fright" when it comes to addressing her elders in person. Honestly, don't be too hard on her. She's just going to associate you being annoyed and pissed to the situation and be even more apprehensive in the future. Maybe there's just too many people in the same place and this overwhelms your daughter? Give it time, she will get the hang of it soon enough.

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6y ago

She's coming to three. We taught she was stranger shy. However it did not resolve. She can play with the person, talk to the person yet refused to address the person. This got us really puzzled and annoyed at the same time. When asked why, she refuses to