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Hi all. My 14 months old girl has been refusing porridge.. she eats a few mouths and start to spit them all out. Then she refuses to continue eating. Sometimes, she will open her mouth and when we put the food in, she spits it out immediately. Any mamas experience the same thing? How to get her eating again?

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Mine since 12 months, until now 13+ mos, she still refuse porridge and rice, sometimes she also spit out fruits that I gave her, and she eat apple/apricot like nobody else, she would chew3 then spit out, she wont swallow it, I keep training her to eat rice/porridge/pasta/other foods, I would be happy enough if she swallowed or not spitting out the food. Some soft fruit like avocado, mango, papaya is depends on her mood, sometimes she spitted out immediately, but sometimes she will eat it. I try to bake quinoa with corn,veggie,minced meat and she would eat that, because she likes the corn. Try those snacks for toddler recipes from the internet.

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Have you tried giving her other food? She may be bored/picky. I vary my baby’s meals with cereal/pasta/rice/noodles as well:) Play around with different tastes and textures. My first daughter loved crispier/crunchier foods, while my second one loves softer types. She also doesn’t like eating a lot of the same type of food each meal, so I give her a little of many things.. that keeps her excited throughout the meal

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Mine! He’s only coming to 9 months. I learned that it’s because he doesn’t like the food/ texture. So if I change immediately to say Apple purée, he will keep opening his mouth for more instead.

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Have you let her self-feed? My 12mo does that and it's because she wants to self-feed. She would spit food out when we feed her and pick the food up on her own and put in her mouth.


Try to change menu maybe your baby got bored