1 year old struggling with mealtimes.

Hello mummies & daddies. My 1yo daughter doesn't enjoy mealtimes. She used to like eating when she started purees at around 6mo. Then slowly she refuse to eat. We have to keep her distracted by giving her toys or random objects to play. This usually does the trick. But recently she is older she doesn't want her toys or play anymore. Whenever put her in the highchair she will start to scream a little and when we start to feed her she will keep her mouth shut & turn away. Even if the food successfully enters her mouth, she will spit it out. My hubby & i tried all ways. BLW, Plain food, food with favors, different textures. She just doesn't eat. We even explored having her on booster seat instead of highchair. Nope, didn't work. We are having a hard time & we are not sure what to do. She does eat her fruits. So that's usually our showhand. She eats her puffs and snacks without any problems. Please help us!!

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I would suggest, don’t give any snacks until she stated to eat well again. Sometimes snacks may change her taste bud or even taken up the space in her tummy. If she doesn’t wanna eat, then let her know that she won’t be having any food at all until the next meal. Means no fruits nor snacks or even milk. She will realize that if she doesn’t eat during meal time, she will be hungry. She will be asking for her food after an hr or so(when she is hungry), then you can give/feed her the same food that she has rejected earlier. If she didn’t for food after more than an hr plus, don’t give her any food anymore, instead serve her her next meal (eg: dinner) slightly earlier, and best if you can give her the same food as lunch. She will definitely eat anything at all that you give because she is Hungry! I did this when my LO was younger, she rejected the new food that I have prepared for her, so I told her either she eat or sleep. She rejected and I put her in the cot and told her to sleep instead. But she couldn’t sleep, keep tossing in her cot, because she was hungry... I went in again about 30mins and ask whether she wants to eat? This time she said Yes.. to our surprise, she finishes the food and even ask for more! I am prettt strict with my LO’s meal time, I dint give snacks before her meal time or evening hardly give her snacks until she is much older. She is turning 3 now, eating well and not picky with her food. She even eat vegetable like watercress, bean sprout, spinach and others. Now after her meal, I occasionally I will give her dessert, that is if she finished her meal.

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You are most welcome 😊 Jia You little one! Enjoy all the yummy food! 😊