I need to go ICA tmr with my 4mth old to collect her passport. should i take public transport or drive there with baby in car seat? if public transport, how shld i go about it? put baby in carrier and bring along stroller or just stroller? If carrier, how shld i do her baby bag/carry it? it'll be my first time bringing baby out myself so I'm clueless!

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It can be difficult to get a lot if you wanna drive over... If take MRT, just stop at Lavender Station. Since you are bringing LO alone, then perhaps minimize bringing too many things. Bring LO with carrier and use backpack for your baby stuff.

Happened to me when my baby was only 3 weeks old. Decided to book taxi online via Grab app. So don't need to worry to take out money and baby cry etc.

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Bring car seat and take grab or taxi! I take my baby out many times usually by taxi

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Where do you stay ? Carrier was my first option and ICA is next to lavender mrt

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Suggest drive there..But maybe get a family member to accompany you

Drive in car seat, less exposure to people and environment for 4mo

I think take public transport better So hard to park there

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Driving would be better specially the current situation

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For 4mos old & you’re alone, best to carrier instead

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drive better ba