Send/fetch baby from infant care alone with work bag

Hi working mummies that send their baby to infant care, if you’re sending or fetching them alone and taking public transport and not using strollers, what kind of bag do you use for you work? As you need to carry baby in carrier or by hand, carry his diaper bag and also your own work bag. My maternity leave is ending soon and im still figuring out how to go about this. I wont be using stroller as it’s a hassle especially when im alone and need to rush.

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Hi. i had both my kids in infant care. i used a backpack diaper bag for my kid, a sling workbag that isnt too big and a baby carrier. so i wear sling bag first, baby on carrier then the diaper bag last. i find it easier to reach out for my ezlink with a sling workbag. baby on carrier is always best cos ur hands are free to manage other things.

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3mo ago

Thanks mummy!

I used a bagpack. I got mine from mori. Enough to carry my necessities and its not too big also. Strollers can be a hassle especially during peak hours and it's frustrating with inconsiderate commuters. Having a baby carrier will help too or if baby is older, can use side sling. It makes carrying easier when you don't get a seat.

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i use a baby carrier. for work. I carry sling bag then follow by backpack then secure the baby on the carrier 😂 u will look like a mess but it for a while only

you can use backpack or get a diaper bag which can also put your work stuff. (huge tote?)