I hv catch my husband been telling lies. He keep telling me he goes to wk. But actually no. He will go out and drink at golden mile. As a wife wat would u do n etc.

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Confront him. This issue will only get blown up the more you try to keep quiet because there is no way you will be able to forget his lying . But men won't confess until you dish out the evidence so be prepared to dish out some of necessary. Another thing is what outcome do you want if you confront him? If he denies ? If he admit and apologize what is going to happen next? You must be prepared emotionally that you can't trust him for a good period of time and if so will you still periodically spot check him? Make sure when you confront you must highlight to your husband in a very serious and assertive manner that you don't want him to lie again and perhaps not even drinking sg golden mile. Drinking can be done at the coffee shop downstairs . Sorry to say this golden mile has many places for drinking with Thai women , he should not lie and go to such places to avoid misunderstand. Men will tell you he didn't do anything just drinking there what's wrong. Be prepared to let him know as a husband his first responsibility is to avoid any situation which will let the wife misunderstand him. All will be fine, good luck!!

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just curious have you consider why he is going golden mile? Without finding out the reason, confronting him solve no problem. I'm not defending him but I'm worried it might lead to more acrimony. If he is not getting the kind of kinky experience from you.. maybe you can spice things up a bit.

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Confront. See if it's really just drinking or is he trying to be funny. Even if just drinking also shouldn't lie. Drinking bad for health and cost money. See if he needs a therapist to help w alcohol addiction if any

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Did you catch him personally at golden mile or someone reported it to you? Have you ever consulted your husband about this? Maybe you should find out from him first to know the reason why is he lying towards you.

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i ask him to see if he is speaking his truth. If he is denying, show him the uber and grab transaction.

Confront him... In the calmest possible way. Not because we learn to be as kind as Jesus Christ, but because only in calm situations then will men tell the truth. If u blow up , likely he'll just run further.

I will definitely confront him. It may not be the best way to go. But to be in that shoes and remain sane, not possible for me. I would have lost my mind immediately.

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Well , Consult him and talk to him ? And see what happen and any reason