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He hasn't been seeing the child almost 2 years plus. He only given supervised visitation twice a month. Our divorce got final in March this year. Till now he hasn't been coming to see the child. Do I need to inform him about my child health school and so on. My child was 1 year old were he left us. He was abusive towards me and womanizer. We cannot come to agreement to the terms we come together. He always want me to follow his way. He really pisses me. May he message, says he wants to meet. Last min he said he can't coz not free. June he inform me last min at night a day before that he wants to see the child. I already hv plan and event. Now he blaming me I don't allow him to see the child. Wat e f... I hv all e proof. It's take responsibility and ownership to make plan the schedule to come and see the child. I hv never stopped him. Is he keep telling he is working. I don't give a shit about it. He should know how to plan his schedule n inform so we can work out. But he failed. I don't hv any problem with his step mother whom message me that wants to see e child. And it's all plan properly. I don't know wats his f.. prob

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I think you should still inform him about your child's health and so on at least there's evidence that you're not stopping him from seeing your child. That guy has issues.