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Hi, I am a first time mom. What products are needed for newborn baby? Eg. Mittens, clothings. There are baby fairs going on now and I don't want to buy useless things. Thank you.

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Baby splish splash: Baby bath tub Baby nail scissors Brush & comb set Non slip mat for bath tub Baby shampoo & soap Baby powder Changing Mat Baby Wipes Cotton wool/ Cotton Bud Nappy Cream Bath Towel Diapers Feeding Time: Nursing bra Breast pump Storage bag/btl Nipple cream Breast feeding pillow Breast pad Bottle Warmer & Steriliser Feeding bottles Bottle & teat brush Bottle soap Sleep time: Muslin Squares Baby blanket Room thermometer Pillow Walk2: Pram Changing bag Baby carrier In case of emergency: Thermometer Mosquito patch Infant koolfever patch Infant saline drops Nasal aspirator

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Clothes: -sleep suits with covered foot, short sleeved onesie, mittens, booties x at least 3/4sets -a small cap for baby to wear on the way home from discharge -many handkerchiefs -wash cloths Wet wipes Diapers Diaper cream (optional, I think) Milk bottles (at least 6 in my opinion so no need keep washing) Pump + pump parts (make sure to charge pump Before delivery) Steriliser (steam/uv) Baby hair shampoo & bath shower gel Baby bathtub (mount a will give if you’re delivering there)

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Oh ya, and towels too!

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Baby wipes, diapers, nappy rash cream, baby wash toiletries, towel, muslin cloths, baby blanket for swaddling and clothings (including mittens and booties) basically.

I find hanim steriliser is a need so that you can just dump everything inside including breast pump after washing to let it sterilise on its own.

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Steriliser, warmer, breast pump, baby cot, stroller, mittens, clothings, pacifier, carrier, milk bottles, bedtime and bathtime essentials.

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Most of what is mentioned here and online...Also you will buy more stuff as you go along so don't worry too much about it now(:

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Wet Wipes, diaper, stroller, baby carrier, diaper bag, milk bottles, sterilizer, pump. There’s a lot tho. Lol!


Hi u can download the baby checklist here

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Many things to see from bb fair

Milk bottle...