Hi all I am at a predicament. I am going to deliver late October. I have a son who is 2yrs 3months old currently attending 2hours playgroup. My mom takes care of my son while I work full time. Now that I am about to deliver my 2nd child, I worry about the care arrangement. As my mother is already in her 60s- even though physically fit, I tink its physically/mentally impossible to get her to take care of an active boy, my 2nd child and my dad. Dad is in his 70s but has gout attacks and heart disease so mom has to cook for him and get ready his food. He is otherwise independant in other activities of living. I am tinking of enrolling my son to full time child care starting Jan. I read a few forums saying that it takes at least a month for a child to adjust to childcare is that true? I can't help but feel guilty. -_- He is barely 3 but has to attend full time class.. wont that be physically and mentally tiring? How do u moms do it? I can't bear to leave him the whole day at childcare but no choice. Mom has to care for the 2nd baby when I return to work in late Feb. My mother in law has been bugging me to get her maid to help out since noone is at home(all working). We live about 5 stops away. I am against this idea as it is against the law to get a maid to work 2 places!

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I send my baby to full day care and I am very Glad I do. A study by the NICHD (American childcare dept) compared children who attended child care centres with children who attended home-based care (e.g. a home-based daycare, or care within the child’s home by someone other than the child’s parents). They found that centre-based child care was linked to: somewhat better cognitive and language development better pre-academic skills involving letters and numbers fewer behaviour problems at ages 2 and 3 more behaviour problems at age 4 ½ (such as disobedience and aggression) Therefore, there appear to be pros and cons to both centre-based and home-based child care settings, but there are more pros than cons.

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I feel u totally. I had to enrol my eldest in Cc when I had my 2nd. It was painful prices for both child and mother but we made it. From what I see here, u either enrol him in Full cc or get mil's Maid to help. Full cc has pro and con. Pro is, more flexible time for ur mum and u while coping with 2nd. Eldest can learn more things too. Young children's adaptation skills are v strong. Con is eldest might throw temper, thinking u are keeping him away while u r with youngest. Ur mil's helper is only on temp and since u r against it, ignore the option. I will opt for cc. My gal got used to it within 3 weeks. U need to let go otherwise heart pain.

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Why dont u consider getting a maid for ur mother? Then the maid can do housework, cook all the meals and look after ur father, leaving ur mother free to look after ur 2 young ones. This is also the current situation for me. my mother looks after my son while my helper looks after the house n i work. I'm sure if u weigh all the pros n cons, it's cheaper to have a helper than sent ur son to childcare. i also cant bear to send my son to childcare, especially whole day

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i agree on the house cleaning part which may reduce my mom's burden but to have a maid... not that easy. My dad's meals are tailored to his medical.conditions.. so must train/teach the maid from A to Z