Hi, I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child. My first child is being taken care of by my mil (stay opposite us). The plan was to put my first child in childcare and my mil will take care of 2nd child.. However mil expressed that she doesn't not want to take care of my 2nd child as she finds it tiring. So it has been decided that my Mom will take care of both my children after my ML. Hubby suggested that I will stay at my parents house from Monday to Friday and then he will pick us up on Friday to go home. He said in this way, we don't need to travel up and down as it will be tiring. I am happy that my Mom will be taking care of my children but on the other hand, I feel bad about leaving hubby alone at home during the weekdays.. I asked him whether will he feel neglected and he said no. He said he will come up and visit me and children when he misses us and that me and him can arrange to go for dates.. I am just concern how things will do between me and him after awhile..

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Yea.. I agree with Wee Qi. It's always best to live together with hubby . At least you all can tackle things together as a family at the same time have each other's companion. I feel It's important. Or maybe he stay over with u all when u need to go over to your Mom's? Try to arrange in a way you all don't have to live apart ;)

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Best to live with hubby. new set of problems will set in once you all stay apart. He will miss out the kids growing too. Since it's one mrt stop away, i feel that it's do-able to travel daily.

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Things will definitely change. No matter what its better not to separate from hubby too :(

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I also told my hubby that I don't mind bringing the children to and fro to my parents house (1 mrt stop away) every day.. but he doesn't want. He said it will be tiring for me..

If can, stay with hubby. Kids can put in childcare or hire maids.