Son not closed to me anymore

Hi mummy out there, How to build bond with you son. All along since he was birth i have been taking care of him and breastfeeding him. Just after I ended my maternity leave I have to go back work and mil is the only one who take care of him and I only can see him after my work. Now that he was 21 months old he is v closed to my mil. And v needy for her, she and the husband also tried to divert his attention away from me. When ever he called mama they will say ah ma or papa and he doesn't want to call me anymore. I feel so upset that I have drifted far apart from him. I dont know how to handle this anymore. I feels so heartbreaking. ):

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hi mummy, that sounds so frustrating and heartbreaking especially when they keep doing it on purpose n rub it in our faces!!! for starters u can try talking w ur husband telling him how you feel. then smth u can try, maybe after work u can bring him out for a stroll or playground just the 2 of u. maybe u can buy fruits/foods/candy that he likes and eat together. spend time watching/singing the things he likes. also my personal favorite thing to do is to ask for hugs n kisses. heheh but I'm sure u alrd do that a lot. I understand u might be feeling unimportant, but remember u will always be his one n only mummy n no one else can replace u. no one else's love/attention can compare to a mother's one, no matter how other ppl try to separate u guys. be strong and show ur MIL u r not 'scared of competition' because u r his one n only mummy. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ hope this helps.

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3y ago

im so sorry to hear that, my dear. be strong ok!! I know its easy to say, be strong and just stand up for urself. u need to be mentally strong(think positive abt urself) n slowly just try to build the courage to stand up to them. just because ur mil is older doesn't mean she has the right to bully u or make u feel not worthy of taking care of ur own child!! u have feelings too and they are valid!!! maybe u could have a talk w ur mil w ur husband present? not to argue but to set boundaries. Firstly must acknowledge that, yes u appreciate that she helps to take care of ur child while u work but u have every right to spend time w ur child. but if all else fails, be strong and press on for the sake of ur baby. Don't give up!! maybe u could also confide in ur family abt ur mil, find moral support to build up ur courage. lots of love,hugs n power to u, mummy!!!