Can we eat fruits during confinement?

Can I eat fruits like grapes, rapsberry, etc during confinement period?

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Super Mum

It depends on how comfortable you are with it. I would say they’re okay in moderation, but many others would prefer to start after confinement. I don’t think there’s anything negative about eating them, and fibre’s good since you may have constipation after giving birth. But do what you’re comfortable with:)

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Yes .. It’s good to hv as much as many but check it out WhT u r eating which is suited to u n ur lo if u r bfeeding means

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Yes no problem for the above fruits mentioned. As long as it’s not too cooling like watermelon or pineapples.

In moderation is fine..but not straight from the fridge

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Yes! All the more that you need to! 😁

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Yes, but at room temperature

Super Mum

I ate. Don't see a problem?

Apple and orange is good


I ate apples.

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I still eat.