during confinement

Can I eat raw food during confinement? like half boil egg?

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No raw food during confinement. although half-boiled eggs are nutritious, they may contain germs. So, stick to the thoroughly cooked ones. I wasn’t allowed to eat any eggs during my confinement. My mom is quite strict about it You can eat pig trotters in vinegar and ginger , sesame oil chicken during last week of confinement. Yummy!!! Last week of confinement. I rem I had fish burger once too lol. From macd

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I would not recommend to have raw food during confinement. Your body is still rebuilding its strength and immune system and best to eat healthy, nourishing food


Half boil egg is good according to my grandparents it will help you nourish your body. I had them every few day for breakfast.


Best not to eat raw food specially if you are breastfeeding. You don’t want any food poisoning during this time

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No raw food, especially if csect.

Better not to have raw food

Better not. Try to avoid!

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Please do avoid raw food

Try not to eat raw food

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Definitely no raw food.