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Hi mummies, I'm pregnant with my second child and will be due in July. During my first pregnancy I was staying with my parents and had my mum to care for me while I was on my confinement. Now for my second pregnancy, I already have my own house. My concern now is should I go back and stay with my parents during my confinement period or stay at home and have my mum to come to my house. This is because my husband works at night and during the day he'll be sleeping 4-5 hours. Which means I'll be on my own taking care of myself and the 2 children on top of the house chores need to be done. My husband approves of me staying over. But I feel bad leaving him alone at the house for 3 months while serving my confinement. Plus he needs to do the house chores by himself. He'll go home first to sleep before coming to my mum's place for lunch or dinner. What should I do? ??

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Base on current virus situation, it's better for you to stay at your mum's place so that she does not have to commute daily and risk the outside uncertain environment. Hopefully things get alot better by july. Also, staying with yr mum can help u with #1 any time of the day and give yr hb his rest as a nb may cries quite frequently and disturb his rest.

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It depends on you. In my case, my mum will be coming over to my house as my dad and sis will be home and they need to go to work. Dad is working nights while sis is working office hours, but recently is starting to wfm, so if baby keeps fussing or crying, it may affect their sleep or work.

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Stay at mom’s since your hubby is working at night. It will be easier for u so u can rest at mom’s. Can ask hubby to do simple house chores when he’s free n come over daily / stay over when he’s off days to help out :)

My husband work night shift too... With my 2nd born i stay at my mum place few weeks before and 2weeks after i gave birth. My husband will go back to do house core,rest then he will come to my mum house.

Well, my mum is okay with coming over. But she can't stay because she needs to still take care of my family members at home. My worry is I might need her at night if she just staying in the day.

I recommend you to stay at ur mom's , due to the virus situation now .

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i have my own place my mil offered i chose to stay at my mom's


Ask your mom stay your place to help you out.

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Is your mum okay to come over?