Week 9 not supposed to have a bump?

I asked this question before about how many weeks to see a baby bump. This is my first pregnancy and only week 9, my tummy is so round and bulging. Even after a good burp and toilet break, the bulge is still there so I am certain it is not a food bump. Did I just put on weight?

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May i know what is ur concern with ur bump? I think every women's bump grows differently and no 2 bumps are the same. Think it also depends on ur diet, ur built etc. Just embrace the bump!

Every pregnancy is different. When I was about 8weeks , I got a small bump too, especially after meals. Yet at times (the same week) , I felt that my bump is smaller, not so obvious.

Could be bloating dear. Our hormones are crazy at that time! My baby bump only appear after week 20

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Week 20 for mine to appear :)

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Might be hormonal bloating.

My bump appear during wk 6

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My bump appeared at week 8! And everybody is asking me already if I'm pregnant. I think it's gas too as I'm heavily on proestrogen supplements.