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Why some first time mother in week 18 onwards their baby bump is so obvious, but mine in week19 baby bump is still not so obvious. I am on the chubbier sized. Does it matter? So worry about it ?

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My bump is not obvious throughout my pregnancy 😅 Even when I'm already 25 - 30 weeks & I was at bb fair, got a few sales staff didn't realised I'm pregnant.. So I guessed it's up to individual's bumps and physical body size :))

mine didn’t show at all & i’m very skinny, 165cm 47kg pre pregnancy. only till about 36 weeks then can see a little bit after i eat, it just looks like i’m bloated.

As long as doc says its oky then you’re good to go😇 as long as baby growing at the normal rate is oky!! My bump shows only at 32 weeks😅

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Doesn’t matter how u look on the outside, the baby inside is more important ok! As long as baby is growing healthy shud be fine

As long as your gynae does not mention that is a concern, no need to worry. I have small bump for my first child too.

It will take a longer time especially when we are chubbier cause our lovely rolls cover the bump.

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Yeah, I’m at 17 weeks and no sign of bump but feels tighter than usual. For some reason I like to lie on my tummy to feel if there’s any hardness.. 🤪 Feels hard so I’m sure there will be a bump if I hadn’t had my lovely rolls. Hahaha. It’s okay lah, more protection in case I’m clumsily bump my tummy into anything for now. 😝

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Im a chubbier size too. My tummy gets more obvious only after 6-7months.

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Later part of the stage it will be obvious. Dont worry

every pregnancy is different, as long as baby healthy

chill, mine show at 7 months with my first pregnancy.