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Hello fellow mummies. I’m week 17 today and I have very tiny baby bump, which looks more like a bloated tummy than a baby bump. Also i haven’t gained any weight yet. Is this normal ? I know that smaller baby bump or no bump at this stage is normal but not gaining weight is normal too in 2nd trimester? My week 16 doc visit, all was good with baby. Now next appointment is at week 21, for anatomy ultrasound. I have always been a slim person. I am 153cm tall, and weighed 45kgs 4 years ago when i got married. Now i’m 48kgs for almost 2 years. I didn’t have that bad nausea in 1st trimester. It was bearable. And now I am also eating constantly in my 2nd trimester, so it’s not that I’m starving myself. Please advise or share your experience.

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Hello! My weight and height r similar to u, and even our symptoms somewhat similar too😅 I'm week 24 now and my belly only started to show more obviously from wk21/22. That's when colleagues started to realise I'm pregnant lol. For weight gain, I also started to gain from also wk20/21. In 1st tri, I actually lost about 1-2kg Currently I've put on 4kg from my pre-pregnancy weight😊 Don't worry k? The day will come when suddenly u realise your belly is not just look bloated but preggie belly🤭 At least, that's how it is like for me lol

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Your bump is so cute! Lucky u to be carrying a small bump. Its quite normal actually cause some have such small bump even when it reaches 36 weeks! It all depends on each individual body so not to worry! As long as baby is growing healthily, it is totally fine! All my 3 bumps were huge i tell u! (I am at my week 36 now, carrying my 3rd baby). But that is my body 😊 we all experience it differently.. as long as u are gaining bit by bit per month, everything else will fall in place. All the best to u!

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i had my dr visit when i was week 17, didnt gain any weight as well. went to the dr ytd at week 20 and found out i gain 1kg 🙃 so yes its normal, you'll just gain it slowly. up till now ppl around me still tells me that i dont look pregnant as i dont have the bump. as long as baby and you are healthy thats whats most important! enjoy yr pregnancy

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Hi, don’t worry about this as I experienced the same and I’m a first time preggy too with my first born still swimming in my tummy. My bump was only obvious at 7 months onwards roughly around week 28 plus and I never gained much weight up till now at my third trimester. So don’t worry about it.


you are about same height and same pre pregnancy weight as me. i gained less than 2 kg at 24 weeks. in third trimester so far, gained less than 6 kg and almost due. no issue so far. so if really concerned ask gynae to check baby size n baby weight. that is more important.

I have not gain but even lost 10kg after I delivered. As Long as ur baby is healthy, everything is fine. And for ftm, ur belly will come out after 23weeks. My coll didn’t even know I’m preg till I’m in 3rd trimester. Don’t worry. Anything speak to ur gynae

Hi there, if you are eating well, you only start gaining weight around week 20. I lost 4 kg in the first trimester, at week 19 I am not yet back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 😀 Just eat healthy, your baby bump looks just fine for 17 weeks.

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Don’t worry about it! As long as your baby is growing well, your tummy size doesn’t matter. I’ve been underweight my entire life and my stomach only started showing at 7 months. The first six months looked like “bloated” stomach.

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I only gained weight when I was week 20! Then almost 1 week 1kg!! HAHA in total I gained 15kg. As long as you eat healthily and stay happy, don't worry about weight gain or your bump :)

During my first pregnancy, I only look pregnant after 24weeks and i ballooned during 3rs trimester. As long as doc says baby is healthy, don't worry about tummy size.