Week 14 Weight and Bump

Hi mummies/mummies to be! Curious, when did your baby bump start showing? I’m at Week 14 but I still don’t see any baby bump and my weight is dropping despite not having any morning sickness. Is this normal?

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2nd trim my tummy then start showing more obviously. (depends mummies body shape) Yes normal. Morning sickness depends on individual, some mummies had morning sickness during 1st trim / 2nd trim / thru out whole pregnancy or can be none. Mine was 10th - 14 week ish. But it was okay. On and off vomiting etc Not that bad at all. Just bed rest during my 1st trim. Have you consult your gyane for weight dropping? Ask for a list how to gain weight. Don’t worry so much as well. Some mummies on 2nd trim onwards will start gaining . As long baby is healthy. I would recommend avocado/durian to gain weight. If you are okay n not afraid of the smell , you can take durian. ( moderation)

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My bump was visibly more obviously during last trimester. Im eating normally but my weight goes down yet baby's weight goes up. So not to worry! I didnt have morning sickness as well. So no vomitting

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Yes, it is normal. For first time mom, your bump tends to show later since the tummy is not used to the stretch yet haha

Yes it's normal, mine started showing in 2nd trimester