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#pregnancy #advicepls #pleasehelp Hello All, I am about 14-15 weeks pregnant but I am unable gain weight. I was told to eat avocado and materna milk. But I don’t see any difference in me. I do see a small bump but my weight is about the same range from the start of pregnancy. Is this normal? Able to advice how to gain weight? I probably only gain 200-300g and then dropped. Initially had morning sickness but now not much of vomiting so is it still fine to not gain weight ?

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Yes Avocado and milk helps :) Durians helps too 😉 ( I had durians on my 2nd trim ) Maybe you can try. If youve blender at hm , you can do homemade Avocado milk shake, banana milk shake etc , spread Peanut butter and bread , meat , Fatty fish (like salmon), eggs , cheese , ( don’t forget vegetables too ) etc and u can snacks in between. U will see difference on 2nd trim onwards. Every bump is different, don’t stress 😇 My SIL is very petite , she had a small bump when she was preggy 😁 If you are worry, you can talk to gynae, ask for a list how to gain weight. If your gynae noticed u been putting too much weight by then she will ask u to stop eating alot lol. Is also ok if u don’t put much weight thruout whole preg. As long baby is growing well ;) I put on abt 8-9kg during my 10m pregnancy , I just eat normal 2-3 meals. I don’t eat snacks much or eat supper. But occasionally I had sweet desserts n durians etc On 3rd trim it shoot up a little fast for me , I stopped eating durians . 😅

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Thank you

Initially i wasnt putting on weight around week 16. So gynae told me to eat durian and etc to put on weight n was also on hl due to fluid issues. At week 20 onwards i was detected for high lvl of sugar n had to control the diet. No rice/beehoon for me and eventually lost the 2 plus kg. Gynae didnt raise any concern when i remained the same weight at wk 24 n 28 thou. I suppose its ok? Haha

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Hello! At week 15, I was still down by 1.5kg pre pregnancy weight. My gynae has no concerns at all. He said as long as baby is growing, weight gain doesn’t matter. Don’t worry, your weight will catch up later and especially in third trimester! I drank avocado milkshake (without sugar) and it helped :)

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Haiya my fren during first trimester no gain lost 4kg some more. Dun have to be the same everybody is different. As long as ya gynae dun find it an issue

I only started gaining weight from week 20 onwards. homemade avocado milkshake helps :)