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hi just wondering usually when do one start to shows signs of any pregnancy bump. am only in week 8 now but some of my clothes already feels tight and i have a small bump. not sure is it due to the snacking i been doing or a small bump at this stage is normal #firsttimemom

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Mine’s slightly more obvious at week 16 but clothes can still hide.. couldn’t wear my usual shorts by about week 13 ish. But my bloating has been ongoing so clothes felt tight at week 8 too. Most accurate to see the bump was in the morn when I first woke up

Mine will start showing after 19 weeks.. remember, every mummy going thru different kinds of bumps. Even i mistaken my baby bumb as bloated tummy way before i know i was pregnant at 4 months.😂😂😂

Usually first trim bump is due to bloatedness. Once you hit 3rd month, your lower belly will start to feel hard and bump will start to grow at 4th month. But also depends on each body. Im ftm too.

at 8 weeks i felt my high waisted shorts were getting tight. There is a slight bump which kind of looks like tummy fat/bloated tummy.

mine show at around 10 weeks. it's normal, everyone's bump is different and size varies.

Generally bump will start showing from 4th month

Mine was around 20 weeks.

27 weeks for mine~