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Hi all, I am already 3 months pregnant. I am thinking want to change job. May I know if anyone has ever tried to find new job while pregnant? Is it harder to get new job as I believe have to declare pregnancy when interview.

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Yes, its hard. Do try to hang on to the job and consider switching after. Finance will be stable as well since a baby is on its way :)

Hi all, thanks for your advice. I guess for now I shall tahan and continue at current workplace.

It's already hard outside of pregnancy. I suggest not changing jobs now.


Use your ML benefits first. Get a new job after you have given birth

Make use of the ML first. Find a job during your 16 weeks ML

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Shouldn't change now. Make use of the maternity leave first

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Not easy to find a job when you are pregnant

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super difficult to find a job if u r preggy

Don't think it's a good time to change now

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Hard. Not a good period to change job.