5 wk preggy and I'll be starting a new job nx mth. When should I tell my new boss that I'm pregnant?

I have accepted the new job offer and tendered resignation 1 week before I tested positive pregnancy. It's 3 months probation in my new job. What should I do to avoid being fired.

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You have no choice but be honest to your new employer as you have to be fair to them so that they can make arrangements. I know where you are coming from but you have no choice as you can't hide the truth. It will be ugly and have bad impression on you when they know later. The following may tell you is your worry necessary: 1. You perform well in your new job but they don't want you due to their size of the company and operation needs - Is not your loss as you will still able to find a job later since you are good. Please don't blame them as they have their difficulty. Only big company or civil service able to accommodate you. 2. You perform well and they want to keep you. 3. You can't perform so can't blame them if being ask to leave. 4. If you yet to start work and they don't want you; and you can't afford to have no income, then you may try to withdraw your resignation. Whatever is going to happen, just accept it. It maybe a blessing.

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First you have to enjoy being pregnant and do take care of yourself. No heavy lifting of some sort. Second, you need to tell your superior on your own timing. I havent told mine yet ahhahaha will tell when im done with first tri. (I work as a CC teacher) Third, Under employment act they are not allowed to fire or terminate a pregnant woman from work. Best of luck and do take care.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy and new job! 🎉 This question has been asked a lot of times here and the answer is always - best to inform your company. Honesty is better than keeping it a secret so they can be well prepared and make arrangements when you take your ML later on ☺️