Preggy 8 Weeks But Got Starting New Job Next Week

Hi all! I got an job interview last month, at the 2nd last week of June, so on the first week of July, I just realized I was pregnant and this is my first pregnancy after 6 years of marriage! So I did not expect it to happen but I was happy at the same time to finally able to conceived! So should I email the employers that I am pregnant before going to start at the new job next week? ?

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Just be honest. End of the day, if they refuse to hire you because you are pregnant, you probably know what kind of employer they are so might be better not to work for them. Some employers are simply f***ed up so it might be wise not to even work for them. Let them learn the hard way when they face manpower shortage during this tough times. Some of them really need to be hit hard before realising it’s a wake up call to treat their employees fairly. Good luck.

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This was what happened to me too! Since I had to take a sem off school but I didn’t want to stay home so I had to find a temp job. But I was honest with them and they eventually hired me☺️ all the best!!

It will be better if you inform face to face, I think the sincerity is better. Inform your employers on the first day when you report for work that you just found out that you're pregnant for a few weeks.

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Congrats!!! Personally feel that it would be better for you to inform your company before you start work. But please be prepared if they decide not to hire you after hearing this news.....

congratulations, so happy for you. may u have a smooth pregnancy journey. stay happy stay healthy. it is best and good to let ur employer know . take care and stay safe

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If u think ur new job is less-risk, wont harm ur bb during work, maybe observe it first. Or u may wanna pm-ed them that ur pregnancy before u start work?

Yes, be upfront and let them know u are currently pregnant and that u didnt know that u were already pregnant when u went for the interview.

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Yes, should inform them so that they are aware.. if not, they would think you keep it as secret...

Congratz..... Yes is better to let them know. Otherwise they will tot u forget purposely hide

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Should let them know on ur first day.. tell them tat u dunno u r pregnant during interview.