Breastmilk and Milk Powder

Hi ! I am actually curious is it possible to sometimes feed my newborn breast milk and sometimes milk powder ? Or I have to be consistent through out ?

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Yes you can give them breastmilk and formula, its called mixed feeding. I am doing this as my breastmilk supply is low. I alternate feed my baby breastmilk and formula.

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U cn feed bm first if nt enuf cn top up with fm.. just rmbr fed is best! ❤️

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You can mix i.e. alternate BM and FM, especially if you have Low supply.

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Yup I do mix feeding. Fm at night and bm in the day

Noted with thanks everyone!! ❤️

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You’re most welcome to mix:)

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Yes, you can do a mix :)


Why do you want to do so?

2y ago

I heard that breast milk is good for babies , so I would like to go for it . But because my body size belongs to the smaller build side and I am underweight, I am afraid I won't have enough for my newborn . So was asking if it's okay to have breast milk for somedays and formula milk for another .

Yes. Can mix

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can mix