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Hi mummys, my baby now 11 months already, want to stop breast feeding, i tried a few milk powder samples, but the baby don't like it,what's your advice?

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Try transition, mix ur bm with fm maybe when first time u try (if lo drink 120ml, ur bm is 120 mix 1 scoop of mp) subsequently lesser bm more mp. Hope it works

2y ago

Ok, thanks for advice

You dont want to wait tikl baby turn 12 months? Can offer fresh milk, full cream milk when they reach 12 months old.

2y ago

Ok, thank u so much for your advice, will try

I will suggest wait till another month, when LO is 12 months then introduce full cream fresh milk instead

2y ago

You are most welcome 😊

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want to try breastfeed for just one more month?

2y ago

Ok, can

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Let e baby starve