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Currently my newborn is drinking breast milk and formula. She is pooping once every 2 days and I’m thinking of changing milk powder. Any recommendations?

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I also had this problem and I tried all the brands but didn't get any better. Then I tried Kendamil and immediately saw a difference with my baby's stools. Much softer and became more frequent. Less heaty also. Maybe it's because only they use full cream and not so much vegetable oil

It is quite normal to poop every 2 days. We tried the NTUC house brand Gold formula for infant and also Abbott’s Similac for infant.

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Ntuc housebrand. Cheap and good, from Australia. My baby has bery gd bowel taking that and gainjng weight well.

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We were using a more ex brand (×2 of ntuc formula) but baby cannot sleep well at night and keep on making weird noises. After changing to ntuc brand, he digests and sleeps better .

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You can try those with DHA and etc as they need them while they are at a development stage... 😋

My little one is mixing between Similac infant and breastmilk

i use dulac dumex & breast milk my baby. and he looks fine.

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Try Nan or get a few samples from various brands

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try lactogen! and it's cheap too 😉

Try Nan. Its similar to breastmilk

Nature one daily or Grow