Travelling during pregnancy

My husband is working in Singapore and yesterday he said he wants to go back to his mum's place in Seremban which normally would take 3 hours plus journey. He said slow drive can shouldnt be an issue. We reached around 7pm. Today we moved back to jb around 6.30pm. Im still on my way. My mother n mother in law all said there shouldn't be a prob to travel.Then my husband hit the bump on the road and for the second time on the highway he brake suddenly. I'm feeling very painful. Will anything happen to the baby. This Monday I'm going to be 11 weeks. I did travel during 6 weeks, 9 weeks and this is the 3rd time. I'm so scared if anything wrong with the baby. When we scan will I know the baby is completely normal? Will go over the bumpy road will affect the pregnancy.

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Jika x bleeding ok.

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Sure thank u