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My husband has not gone back to his hometown overseas since the start of COVID almost 4 years. He asked me to go back and bring my 2 yr old along for one full week. Problem is normally when I am working my mum takes care of my girl and my husband can just take care of her like ensure she doesn't fall down or play with her. So i feel very stress to look after my girl mainly on my own for one full week. And when I tell him how come other guys can solo take care of their child and let the mum go out, he says that I was the one who wanted a child. I feel so helpless.

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Cheer up mama!! not solving the root problem, but will your mom be willing to go to the hometown with you? or will you feel at ease having his family in hometown help you with taking care?

11mo ago

I haven't asked my mum, my daughter is very scared of strangers so I don't think it is possible for other ppl to help take care of her.

both have to play an equal part