Is It Safe For Babies To Travel?

Me and my husband having argument recently, because he want us to travel going pakistan this month or december, but i disagree because of the pandemic, my daughter is 1 year and 4 months old, my husband is in malaysia and we are in Philippines now, since march we are here for vacation but sadly because of covid-19 we are stuck and my husband misses Our daughter so much, since we cannot enter malaysia yet, he ask us to go pakistan with him but i refuse because im still scared for my baby's health, i dont want to risk my daughters life but he seem Dont understand me, what shoul i do..

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Tulis jawapan

why suddenly Pakistan? Malaysia is not totally locked down. you can travel back home. what's the issue? just come back to Malaysia and meet him instead of going to Pakistan. just follow SOP. Wear mask. sanitize hands frequently