I mommys , im 8 weeks now . My hubby very active in sex . Every morning and before sleep at night we hvg sex . He love me so much . I already talk to him to stop for few weeks but he said he cant control once he see me. Is it If i active in sex ,can effect anything to my baby ?

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Tulis jawapan

Consult ur gynae. If there’s no complication with ur pregnancy, it shouldn’t be a problem.

4y ago

I see. I did ask my gynae just last week and my husband was laughing at me. I asked in a way where I want it and not my husband want it? I kindna use pregnancy hormon as an excuse. I asked the doc, like what if I’m in the mood for sex, can I do it around this time? It might lighten the mood a little. Better be safe than sorry. Good luck alright! :)