How to treat mild diaper rash..? I wipe it with wet tissue after he poop I put diaper cream and powder let it blow wind without wearing diaper for 15 mins and then wear it back. will it go away or get worst? my lo is 8 months first time diaper rash I not sure what to do. Recently he started solid food , only carrot, broccoli and porridge. He have been eating porridge for 4 days. Will is it because of wet diaper or poop or maybe I did not change it frequently. How many time should I change diaper per day?

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Hi. The reason why there is a rash is that the moisture gets trapped inside the diaper cream. This is what you do. 1: clean with a wet wipe 2: dab with a good quality dry tissue 3: Air the area nicely 4: Once you are sure that the area is dry, apply diaper cream or even Vaseline. The last step ensures that the area is protected from external moisture. If you apply the cream earlier, the moisture gets trapped and it irritates the skin. Lastly, use good disposable diapers at least till the rash disappears. Hope this helps

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Your LO diaper rash doesn't seems mild. My LO used to have bad diaper rash. PD suggest to change diaper more often. I used desitin diaper cream (purple) then wash her from then on. Even if u don't wash, use cotton ball with water. Wet wipes is not recommended unless u are outside or at night to prevent baby waking up.

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MUST Change diaper every 3hrs. Max is 4hrs. Best to wash with water. Especially after poo. Must wash with mild fragrantless baby soap and water. Of course you have to wipe the poo with wet wipes before washing in sink. You dowanna clog the sink. My babies never have rashes.

Dont use wet wipes, it'll aggravate the skin further. Wash with water thn put diaper cream. Desitin works for my son. Also, change diaper after poop immediately and once you feel diaper is heavy with pee. I usually change every 3-4 hours.

Oh dear... That is veryyy bad. Pls wash with water everytime he poops or change of diaper because wiping causes friction. Please use water. Wash at sink. Need to see doctor asap. That can lead to deep infection. Please see doctor. Poor baby.

I will change diaper whenever there is poop. and I will change diaper usually every 3-4hourly. Air the butt when rash developed. and apply diaper cream. especially those with zinc is specially good for treating butt rash

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Change freq diaper. Use drapolene cream. Use water to wash every change. U can use cotton wool to and have a bowl of water beside every change. And tap dry. Put cream n diaper.


Can try using qv Diaper cream. My girl has sensitive butt worst than this qv Diaper cream works amazingly. Just 1 application you can see diff

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Try to change every 3 hours until the rash disappears. Apply diaper cream - desitin works well, but don’t put powder as it makes it worse.