Change diaper 2-3times 10 mins after feeding.

Hellooo my lo is 4 mths old.It have been 1 week she poop after feeding not 1 but up to 3 diaper change. Quantity is little to moderate. Went to baby doctor, he said after feeding if baby active it stretch the intestine thats why baby will poop. Colour all normal. If its diarrhea baby will vomit plus fever and there will be exesscive poop it will be out from diaper. My lo is active and dont show any sign of sickness. Any of the mummies experience what im going through..I pity her cause of the soreness.

Change diaper 2-3times 10 mins after feeding.
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Do the “bicycle” motion to LO’s legs and wait a little while more before changing the diaper. Wash baby’s bum with warm water instead of using the wipes, pat dry and apply diaper rash cream. If bum is still sore, consider changing the diaper brand instead?

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Had that before too. I applied a good amount of the Desitin Rapid Relief (blue) cream, so that prevented the redness/soreness

4y ago

Think it was the worst after the rotavirus vaccine. Lasted probably around 10 days