Hi, my LO is going to 11 months and I am having a hard time changing his diaper when he poop. He will scream and cry like he is being tortured and he will wants to flip on his tummy and crawl away.. I tried giving him toy or anything to distract him but it will occupied him for awhile only. When we are out at shopping center, when he need to change diaper, u make him lay on the diaper changing mat in the nursing room he will start to freak out and cry and scream very loudly. That my husband have to pin him down so I can change him and we keep telling him it okay just need awhile. He hate it .. I wondering why is he behaving like this? My husband told me to let him cry and make him lay down no matter how he cry or scream .. because if I nv do he going to give me a hard time to change his diaper or make a mess .. I not sure if this behavior is normal. Can anyone shared with me your view?

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Does he behave the same way for wet diapers? If not, it could be he might have hurt himself when he pooped and clean cause pain to him. This happened to my kids and after identifying the issue I started to ensure they have lot of vegetables/fruits and water. On top of it, I helped them to do baby/tcm massage to improve the movement of bowel. After awhile, they don’t cry and throw temper during the diaper change anymore.

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Is he ok with a wet nappy. I had it with my son. If u hold him down and he screams. It will only make him hold onto his poop more and then he will end up being constipated and will not poop at all. I would ask the Doctor for advice as it could be something internal that's hurting him when he poops. He can get medicine which can make it easier on him. I wish u the best of luck. Its not easy

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Is it because he realised its not at home but outside ? Could be due to the diaper changing table ? My girl had the same issue but not with diaper, with the clinic. Every time bring her for vaccination, weight, the moment she lie down on the scale she cry and scream cause she knows it’s cold and not soft and not normal

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its kind of normal with older kids as they want to be busy and not held down at all with restrictions. try playing a distracting video I.e cocomelon videos, give child funny face gestures while calling child name and singing funny, also try changing diaper very quickly.

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