Diaper recommendation for no leaks at night

Hi mummies, Any diaper recommendations for no leaks at night? I don’t usually change my baby’s diaper at night when he sleeps because he has trouble sleeping and it would wake him up if I were to change his diaper in the middle of the night. I will only change him if he fully wakes up in the middle of the night. If not, usually I’ll just let him be till he leaks and wakes up on his own cos he feels wet and uncomfortable. I know this isn’t good practice but it gives me at least that bit of sanity and sleep. It can take me like an hour or 2 to put him to sleep if he fully wakes up. Not to mention, he will literally wake up every hour or 2 to comfort latch, but fortunately will go back to sleep latching most of the time. Sometimes he can’t and he will fully wake. Mind you my baby is almost 8 months alr but can’t sleep for more than a 3 hour stretch regardless whether it’s day or night. Really tired mama here. 🥲

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Perhaps you can try Huggies Naturemade/Platinum or Merries. So far this is the good brand that prevent leakage. You can either use pants/tape wherever you think suits you. And before bedtime to ensure baby's full after milk session, change diaper before bedtime and if like you mentioned he wakes up middle night,you change. However, please be advise on the other hand it is not recommended to change diaper after more than 3 to 5 hrs to avoid rashes and nappy blister.

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Hi mama! I recommend Huggies Naturemade too. It’s been good for my baby so far and can last the entire night. My baby turned 7 months last week and same as you, baby is still waking up every 1-2 hours to latch so I feel you!!!! She can’t even sleep 3h stretch haha. But we’ve got this and one day our baby will be sleeping through the night. Let’s keep trying and have faith!

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1y ago

Oh my, a fellow mama in the same boat as I am 🥺 Thank you for the recommendation and kind words!! 💗

Mine uses rascal and friends. Didn’t change for 12 hours and it’s quite full but no leaks so far..