How old can a baby go swimming pool? My baby is 6 months can I bring him to public pool and just let him play with them wAter?

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It depends on your comfort level :) Like Jorelle said, they use a lot of chlorine in the pool so it may be harsh to the skin - so you could probably find out the schedule of pool washing and go someday inbetween! Eg. The pool I go to (not with my son) closes for washing every Monday, I go to swim every Wednesday so the water has time to clear off from some of the chlorine used - and because they might add more after to combat the sanitary levels of the water in the later part of the week/weekends. Would be great if you could get thermal swimwear because the water is usually cold and they will get colder when they leave the pool and get exposed to the air on the way to clean up. You might consider shirt and shorts instead of a full suit if your child hates uncomfortable outfits! You'll also need swim diapers, they're mainly to keep poop contained if a toilet accident happens :x Disposable ones for a start, then commit to a reusable one if you're bringing him often and he loves the water. Lastly, just keep the timing short and make sure your full attention is on him. They don't need a lot of water to drown, or even dry drown, so get someone else to take photos or just enjoy and capture the moment with your eyes :)

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I wouldn't recommend it coz of the chlorine but I know of many parents who bring babies to public pools.

yes , maybe for initial viist short time frame but once baby is use to it, can go for longer period

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I would not recommend as the chlorine in the water can be quite harsh for the skin,

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Hi... you can send your child for swimming lessons from 6 months onwards

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Try to avoid public pools because of the hygeine

yes you can! but limit the duration. Max 15mins

Just supervise your baby carefully.

yes, you can (about 10 - 15 mins)

yes 15 mins max