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How Long do you guys take to soothe your baby (about 1month old) to sleep after feed??

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My baby in half asleep mode when drinking halfway. I would say 5 min. Once I put her down pat awhile she went into deep sleep.

It depends on the time of the day. Can be 30-45 minutes in daytime, and as fast as 10 minutes at night.

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Can b up to an hr on a bad fussy night ! Doesn’t happen often thou. Enuf milk n they ll usu sleep

Depends! Around 10-30 mins sometimes can be an hour

At one mth he used to drink till sleep.. Miss the time!

4y ago

😆OK thanks for sharing!

Not very Long. Around 10 mins?

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Can take up to half an hr(:

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It can take up to half hr

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Depends, usually 30 mins

30 minutes