For mummies breastfeeding after a year old. How do you train your baby to sleep without latching your LO to sleep? I'm afraid of tooth decay problem.

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Most of my friends who are still breastfeeding their babies avoid nursing their babies to sleep. They tend to have the last night feeding at least 45mins before bedtime to avoid it becoming one of the sleep associations. Prior to bed, they all have bedtime routine such as a quick wipe, changing into pajamas, brushing teeth, bedtime story etc. Perhaps you can try establishing a bedtime routine which includes brushing as well?

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8y ago

Most said that gently patting, rocking, or singing their babies worked. A few use pacifiers (not sure what is your stand towards that though). One of them simply had the rule that it's "lights out" after bedtime story. For her, her child is older and coul

I have no idea if it will cause tooth decay, an eye opener for me. However i nurse my boy to sleep. It gets frustrating but i love sleeping, cuddling and nursing him to sleep. At times when i release, i will pat him to sleep. However only succeeded a couple of times. Most of the time i failed. And he refuses his thumb, or pacifier from day 1. He loves his boobie time too much. Hahaha. Bottle also he reject.

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